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Home based business opportunities and the internet marketing industry are growing during this recession. Not long ago, this fact was reported CNN or FoxNews. Internet marketing business and direct sales business/network marketing businesses are predicted to produce many new millionaires over the next two years and the best news of all is a person can start in either of these fields with no experience and very little money, often under $100.

Business experts and economists have already forcasted the next 10 years will be a continuous growth boom for the direct sales/network marketing and internet marketing industries. Supporting this prediction with their action, Warren Buffet has already purchased network marketing companies,and Donald Trump has started his online Trump University. Two of the wealthiest men in the U.S. are investing or creating business in the internet/home business sector for a clear reason. The reason is because the network marketing and internet marketing segments of the economy are booming and will continue to boom. So how does a person get started in this field with little to no experience? The internet is full of information and mis-information on getting started successfully. Learning the business of internet marketing or home business network marketing usually does not come in a nicely packaged learning curriculum. It is “in the business” training. In other words, you simply have to start and learn and improve as you go.

You can start a business online and potentially turn these recession years into your most profitable years ever, here are a few avenues to earning money online that you will want to consider:

1. You can write your own e-book or create your own product and market it online.

2. You can sell other’s products for a commission under an affiliate agreement.

3. You can begin an online auction business.

4. You can start an internet travel business (travel is another industry, believe it or not, that historically has continued to grow during recession — travel is predicted to increase $7 trillion dollars over the next 10 years.)

5. You can learn some website-building skills and begin buying websites, improving them, and flipping them for profit.

6. You can start a blog and monetize that blog through Google AdSense and affiliate products, and advertising space.

7. You can build a list of email prospects in an active niche and then monetize that list by recommending affiliate products.

These are only just a few of the most popular ways to make money online. Do some research, form a plan of action, stay focused, follow a proven system, and you too can be a recession-born internet financial success story!

Citrix Go to Meeting – Online Business Meeting Center |

What is Go To Meeting?

Go To Meeting is one of the newest tools available for online meetings. There has been an increase in the usage of such tools for both large and small business interests. Many companies are changing the way they approach teleconferencing and the traditional business meeting. Many now prefer a web conference where they can see each other as well. Go To Meeting is a product that allows one to set up and hold meetings, conduct business training and provide presentations with various media over the internet. It presents a practical, and fairly inexpensive, medium to communicate for business purposes.

What exactly can Go To Meeting do for a business?

Go To Meeting is beneficial for a businesses because it is an impressive new technology and saves on business travel expenses for individuals as well as for group travel. The program can help out a business as far as task completion time for vendors or customers and it can also shorten the actual sales cycle. This also eliminates the need for a customer or salesperson to travel a far distance and still get a more personal feel to the meeting. People can meet with multiple business partners at different locations all at once at the same meeting center.

What are some benefits of Go To Meeting over competing products?

The Citrix Go To Meeting system is lower in price compared to its top competitors. Go To Meeting costs $49 per month, whereas systems from competitors such as Microsoft, Macromedia and Webex cost $375 per month. Any of these systems can save a great deal of money and time for a business because they will cut back on travel time and expenses.